Here is what people are saying about their treatments.

Several years ago I was in a car accident and my doctor prescribed physical therapy to treat my back and neck injuries. I went to all of my appointments with the physical therapist and did all the exercises at home that were prescribed with minimal benefit. A friend told me that I should see David for therapeutic massage. The relief after the first visit was amazing, much more than anything had been to that point. David explained to me which muscles were injured, where each muscle started and ended, the movements they performed in my body and showed me how to stretch each one so that the effects of the massage he did would last longer with each visit. He saw me twice a week for a month, then once a week for two months and by that time all the pain and discomfort that I had been in for so long was gone. Amazing! Now I see him once a month for "maintenance". If I hadn't experienced what massage can do for myself, I wouldn't have believed it. 

J. T. - Glens Falls, NY 

I am a 35 year old woman who used to be obese. I lost weight by changing my diet and exercise, I jog and bike. My leg starting hurting so that I couldn't jog anymore. I saw my doctor who took an x-ray and MRI and told me that he couldn't find anything wrong and told me to stop running. Then my leg started hurting while biking. I was afraid that if I couldn't exercise I would gain the weight back. I saw a physical therapist for two months which did nothing. I went to a chiropractor and acupuncturist to no avail and by then my leg was too painful to bike. Finally I saw David's ad in the Chronicle and said to myself, why not, I've tried everything else. He told me that my quads were too tight and causing me pain. Then he stretched them, massaged them and stretched them again. That was the routine with each visit and with each visit the pain lessoned. He showed me how to stretch my legs on my own and as my leg improved he would show me more aggressive stretches. Three months after I started massage I was biking and jogging completely pain free and remain pain free to this day. Now whenever anyone tells me that they have pain somewhere in their body, I tell them to so see David. 

S.G. - Glens Falls, NY 

I had been a fan of relaxation massage for years and got 3 or 4 massages every year. I started experiencing tingling going down my arm and saw my doctor. An x-ray and MRI later he said he couldn’t find anything structurally wrong and told me to try massage. I told my therapist what my symptoms were and she massaged me but it didn’t help. Several months later the tingling had turned into pain going all the way down to my hand. I was talking about this with a friend and she told me to see David for therapeutic massage. I said that I had tried massage and it didn’t help. She said that not all massage is equal and that therapeutic massage was a different kind of massage. I made an appointment with David and was surprised at the difference - he asked me questions about the pain, when it started, what makes it worse, what makes it better and then started methodically checking all the muscles in my arm, then all the muscles that could send pain down the arm. When he pressed on a muscle that made the arm pain worse I would tell him. It turns out that it was a combination of neck and rotator cuff muscles that were too tight and sending referred pain down my arm to my hand. After two sessions the pain had receded from my hand to my elbow. He showed me how to stretch the muscles that were too tight and told me to stretch them every day to maximize the benefits of the massage. Then he helped me figure out what I was doing in my daily life that was tightening those muscles so that I could either stop doing it or change my body position so that it didn’t hurt those muscles anymore. My friend was right - not all massage is equal and if you need therapeutic massage a regular massage just won’t do it. 

S.G. - Queensbury, NY 

I suffered for many years with extreme hip pain. I thought it was arthritis and that nothing could be done. I couldn't dance or walk short distances without excruciating pain. I had my hip x-rayed and was told that there was no arthritis, so I asked my chiropractor if he thought massage would help me, the answer was yes. I started seeing David and he did deep tissue massage on the hip and I started to see an improvement. After several more massage sessions the pain level had decreased significantly and my ability to walk distances was improved. I recently walked all over Montreal with NO PAIN whatsoever!!! I would not have believed this would be possible. The overall quality of my life has greatly improved and I have massage therapy to thank for that. Along with daily exercise, I will continue to have monthly massages to make sure the muscles remain limber. 

J.S. - Queensbury, NY 

I am a 58-year-old woman who has plantar fasciitis and have also had a spinal fusion. Dealing with both of these conditions is very debilitating. David has done for me what doctors could not do and sometimes would just tell me to "deal with it". I can walk with minimal pain now because of David. I can sit at my desk all day and not have neck and shoulder pain because of David. His expertise and knowledge of the muscular system and how it works has alleviated much of my pain. If you are "on the fence", don't be. Massage therapy works. 

M.J.K. - Fort Edward, NY 

I sought out therapeutic massage in hopes of getting relief from chronic pain in my neck, back, hips and legs. I have been seeing David for massage on a regular basis for about 2 1/2 years. In that time I have been able to once again resume and enjoy normal activities such as walking, driving a car and gardening. David is both talented and knowledgeable. In addition to the great massage, he explains to me how the muscles and tendons work and interact so I can understand why I have pain. He also has shown me exercises that I do at home to extend the benefits of the massage and help keep my muscles stretched and flexible. I have found David to be personable and professional and know from my experience that massage therapy works. 

B.B. - Hampton, NY 

David has been my massage therapist for 4 years now. When I first saw him my low back and hips were in such despair. I had a shooting pain down my leg and found it difficult to walk. I had been to physical therapy and was prescribed Flexeril to ease my pain and it helped somewhat but I was not 100% and still had discomfort. My friend recommended that I see David and on my first visit and every one after he would take the time after each appointment to show me proper stretches and things to do at home to help the healing process and within a few visits I was feeling much better. I have recommended quite a few people to David over the last 4 years and each person has had a positive experience. David really cares about his clients and it shows. 

P.O. - South Glens Falls, NY 

I first became a client of David’s in June of 2008. I have never met any other massage therapist who possesses the level of knowledge about the human body and the interconnection of muscles. David is able to trace the source of discomfort/pain to the point of origin, sharing with me the names of muscles and explaining their functions. I tried therapeutic massage on the suggestion from my ENT. I had been experiencing horrendous headaches due to severe arthritis in the neck, head, and lower spine. The improvement in severity of the headaches has been amazing. Not only does David exhibit his competency through massage but he is very caring and compassionate about his work. He begins each session with questions that help him determine the areas that need attention in that appointment. He’s always willing to share any information/suggestions regarding health-related topics that would be beneficial, i.e. information on Plantar Fasciitis, essential oils and their benefits and home exercises that would be appropriate. I highly recommend David as a massage therapist. He is so much more than “just another therapist”. Therapeutic Massage has been an alternative solution for the severe headaches I was experiencing. The value of massage is far superior to being prescribed “another pill”. 

J.C. - Gansevoort, NY 

I have had severe carpal tunnel syndrome for several years an have put off the surgery recommended by my doctor for some time. A friend of mine, who was just beginning to show the signs and symptoms of CTS, had gone to David and within a short time had all the signs and symptoms disappear. He showed me the stretches that David had told him to do and my CTS improved. With that incentive, I scheduled a session with David and started down the road to full recovery without surgery! He would massage my arms and hands and spread my carpal bones each visit and with each visit, my pain decreased. Now 4 months later, between David's massage and the daily stretches, I am completely without pain. 

C.J. - Warrensburg, NY 

Thank you for giving me my life back! Years ago I had fallen on my right hip - I didn't realize I had injured myself and was fine for years. Then my knee began to swell, my leg became numb and my hip hurt so bad I was unable to walk up and down stairs without help. The doctors could not find the problem but someone suggested I see David. He has worked on me for a year and I am delighted to say that the knee is fine, the leg is no longer numb and my hip is almost perfect. I have signed up for Zumba classes and at 76 I am back to living my life the way I used to. Again, thank you - God Bless you! 

M.J. - Queensbury, NY

I just wanted to thank you for the stretches that you taught me and for teaching me how long to hold them. They have made such an incredible difference I can't even believe it. Hundreds of dollars spent on the Chiropractor for very little results and just a few suggestions from you and a couple great massages and I feel a hundred times better. There are all kinds of problems going on in my life right now and the stress is as high as it could possibly get and I still feel great. So thank you, thank you, thank you! 

L.J. Queensbury