Foot Stretches


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Plantar Flexor Stretch

This plantar stretch is best preformed wearing socks.  Put the ball of your foot up on a closed door.  Slowly bring the bottom of your foot down toward the floor.  It the bottom of your foot doesn't reach the floor because it is too painful to bring it to the floor stop wherever it is uncomfortable but not painful.  Over time as the plantar surface of your foot stretches out, you should be able to bring the bottom of your foot to the floor with your toes bent up on the door shaped something like an 'L".  Once you are able to bring your foot to the floor...if you want to increase the plantar stretch...bring your knee toward the door as pictured below.

Plantar Flexor Stretch part 2

Increasing the plantar stretch.  This is an excellent stretch for plantar fasciitis.  It goes along with the tennis ball stretch for plantar fasciitis.  

Stand on a tennis ball.  One foot at a time.  Slowly add weight until the ball is uncomfortable.  Stay there for 15 seconds.  Move your foot on the ball and reapply weight and hold for 15 seconds.  Keep moving and applying weight and holding for 15 seconds until the entire surface of your foot has been worked from the heel to the ball of the foot.