Therapeutic Treatments

~ Relaxation Massage

The classic full body Swedish massage using long, flowing strokes to promote mental and physical relaxation. 

~ Deep Tissue

Designed to relieve chronic pain, muscle spasms, muscle soreness and improve range of motion. A pain scale of 1 - 10 is used with the optimum pressure being 5-6. Forearms, elbows, thumbs, and tools are used to break up knots & adhesions. 

~ Medical/Therapeutic Massage

Used to address specific ailments such as headache, chronic pain, restricted movement. The client is an active participant. Hot packs, MET, MNT, and stretching are used. 

~ Cupping

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique used to help remove adhesions and restrictions in muscle tissue and fascia, which is why professional athletes use cupping regularly.  It can and usually does leave bruising but the bruises don't hurt.  Cupping brings more blood to a specific area which helps that area heal.  It also increases range of motion in joints.

~ Reiki Therapy (Energy Work)

During this treatment more Reiki (universal energy) is brought to you than you usually receive. It is a gentle and relaxing therapy performed with a light touch and you fully clothed. Falling asleep is common. Give yourself a couple of hours after an energywork session in which you can rest or nap to let the energy fully integrate with your body. Reiki can be added into massage. 


A German technique designed to effect nerve stimulation and visceral issues without deep, abdominal, visceral massage. 

~ Raindrop Therapy

This is an aromatherapy treatment focusing on the spine and spinal reflex points. Essential oils are used on the spine, neck, hands and feet to help reduce back, neck and hip pain. May help reduce pain of scoliosis, shingles, R.L.S. 

~ Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage performed on a mat on the floor with you fully clothed.  It consists of compression and stretching.  Thai massage is nicknamed 'the lazy man's yoga' because when it is done your body feels like you've just had an intense yoga workout.